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Tue Dec 9 23:58:33 GMT 2014

BBC title page: CIA lied over 'brutal' interrogations
CNN: "Shocks inside CIA torture rport" - "The brutal CIA torture program " -
"The use of mass surveillance and torture are the hallmarks of totalitarian
RT: "Senate accuses CIA of torturing prisoners, overstepping legal boundaries"
AJ: " US Senate report condemns CIA brutality
CIA employed interrogation techniques "far worse and brutal" than it admitted, investigation reveals."
-- A perfect time to tack a fine!
The latest Twibright Labs Product is called The Fine:
"Do you feel angry at your state? Would you like to punish it? Did the state
treat you or someone else unfairly? Then it may be a perfect time to tack a
* A fine that actually takes money away from the state
* A fine that is perfectly legal
* A fine that the state has no legitimate power to fight
Tomorrow here in Zurich there is a court process with Rudolf Elmer, a famous Swiss whistleblower.
It appears to me the Swiss state prosecutes him instead of the crimes he reported!
-- A perfect time to tack a fine!
The highest fine in the Fine Catalogue is currently about 31'000 USD or 30'000 CHF and is realized by building a Ronja.. I think that is a royal fine - might fit well for forced disappearances, murders and similar stuff!
CNN: "One detainee died, apparently from hypothermia, after being chained,
nearly naked, to a concrete floor"
If you kill someone intentionally, that is called A MURDER!
-- A perfect time to tack a fine!
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