[Ronja] Old link check-up

Silvije discover at fly.srk.fer.hr
Sun Jun 20 17:01:52 BST 2010

Hi all,

maybe some of you have some old RONJA links operating somewhere
and probably forgoten, but after all this years lets say you
encounter a problem and need to check the link... but you do not want to
take everything apart and you dont have anyone to help you...

here is what I did :)

first, I disconected interface form optical heads cables and put a plug
to make a loop. Then executed a pktloss test. No errors. Great, lets move 
on. I put the cables back and went to roof. Now I want to make pktloss 
test on a loop with rx and tx - one side of link. I have extracted rx and 
tx modules from tubes and oriented it one to another. pktloss test is 
running the whole time, but my pc screen is far downstairs.... if I could 
only have someone to help me, or something. Well there is a thing!

There is linux software called espeak. There is my PMR with charged 
bateries :) So I started two shells and in first executed:

#./pktloss | awk '{ print $2, $3 | "tee -a /tmp/a.txt" }'

and in second

while true; do
tail -n1 /tmp/a.txt | espeak -p30 --stdin --stdout | aplay
sleep 1

why so complicated? There is some issue with espeak and stdin/out 
redirection so this is what I got working :)

Now pktloss is running, and espeak is reading just second and third column 
output which represents loss. I put my PMR with "constant send button" 
near my PC speakers and hurry to the roof again...

I turned ON my second PMR and adjusted rx to tx little better and from the 
PMR there was the computer voice: zero, zero (1 second pause) zero, 
zero... etc. Now I know my side is fine. I placed modules into the heads 
again... PMR says: one hundred dot zero zero, one hundred dot zero 
zero ... which means 100.00 % loss on both frequencies ...

So what is wrong? .. after all this years... there is a brand new 
building.. in a path of course :)))))))))))

Wish you all the best, old friends...


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