[Ronja] Tx resistor have to be removed?

Karel Kulhavy twibright at hispeed.ch
Fri Sep 11 07:24:52 BST 2009

---- Cecilia Puon <cpuon at fsomexico.com> schrieb:
> Sorry, I wanted to say that if the Resistor 1(R1=82 Ohms) of anyone of
> the Tx has to be removed . I do not understand when you say "on the TX
> that is not at the end of the cable."

You have a cable from the Twister which is normally leading into a single TX

Make a tap say 50cm from the TX and connect addidional TX directly to that tap. Remove the resistor from the additional TX.

> I understand that I have to connect Tx signal and Ground signal which
> come from the Twister on both Tx that I want to connect in parallel. You
> say that I have to remove the Resistor of the Tx that is not at the end
> of the cable, but , what cable do you refer?
> Thank you for your answer. 
> Cecilia Puón

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