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	More miracles.... 

	Aluminum can be soldered with ordinary resin flux solder with he
following procedure: 

	1 clean aluminum while covered with mineral oil using emery paper 

	2 with oil still covering the aluminum tin the surface using a
soldeing iron and resin-core solder 

	3 once the aluminum is tinned, it can be cleaned, and processed
similar to brass or copper 
	It is imperative that the surface is covered with mineral oil until
tinned, since any oxygen will  

	immediately oxidize the surface and AlO2 repells tin solder, while
Al and tin are compatible 

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 On Wed 30/04/08 12:42 PM , Kubajz kubajz at kbx.cz sent:
  This sounds great. Soldering on zinc was a kind of nightmare for
me. I 
 will try it next week... 
 Karel Kulhavy napsal(a): 
 > Tartaric acid (weinsaeure, kyselina vinna) is a natural acid 
 > from wine. It's sold as white crystals for home conserving 
 > food. 
 > I tried it for soldering instead of colophonium directly in
 > form. It melts on hot soldering iron. Tins heavily 
 > oxidized copper and nickel plated connector instantly. Then I 
 > tried some M6 bolt not sure if zinced or nickeled was also 
 > almost instant, extremely shiny and you couldn't tell the boundary

 > between tinned and untinned part. Doesn't work on aluminium foil. 
 > I wonder if someone has this acid at home as well and want to try,

 > what experience he gets. 
 > CL< 
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