[Ronja] Electronic Parts

Karel Kulhavy twibright at hispeed.ch
Thu Apr 24 09:38:14 BST 2008

---- Santiago Daza <ingsadaza at gmail.com> schrieb:
> Hello, today i was triying to buy the electronic parts of Ronja, but here,
> is dificult to find some of this elements, i have a question, can i replace
> the metallic (blue) resistors for brown resistors?? i know that the blue
> resistors have more precision, but here in Medellin is imposibble to find
> them.

Yes use the brown ones.

> The second question is: i didnĀ“t find the twister2 electronic parts in their
> respective package, example: i found them in DIL packages, can i use the DIL
> package elements, or is incorrect??

if you are able to somehow solder them down to the PCB with thin wires then yes.
Try to have the ground pin as short as possible and place the blocking capacitor
(the one between +5V and ground) over the chip if practical.

> -- 
> Santiago Daza Garcia.

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