[Ronja] Ronja Digest, Vol 54, Issue 9

Exolon exolon at seznam.cz
Fri Oct 12 12:22:41 BST 2007

rrlpn> Hello

rrlpn> Someone suggested that vacuum tubes have very low noise and suggested PCC88/ECC88. It has
rrlpn> 1.4pF input capacitance which is better than the best
rrlpn> transistor (BF908, 2.4pF) and 12.5mS
rrlpn> forward transfer admittance. BF908 has 36-43-50 mS but is
rrlpn> impossible to get. BF988 which is
rrlpn> #1 has 21-24- mS and BF960 which is also a common replacement has 13mS.

rrlpn> Now if the dominant noise in the transistor is not generated by the forward transfer
rrlpn> admittance, but rather by the real part of the input
rrlpn> admittance, then the vacuum tube has
rrlpn> a great chance to be actually better than a transistor.

rrlpn> Does anyone have PCC/ECC88 at home or knows where to buy it easily? Experience
rrlpn> with vacuum tubes?  What do you think about it? Isn't there some other noise
rrlpn> source in vacuum tubes that isn't present in transistors that would kill the
rrlpn> hopes?

Napriklad v ges.cz  http://www.ges.cz/?search=ECC88&page=index&inc=search&or=sort&ipp=12&lang=cz&cur=CZK

rrlpn> It would be definitely great apart from increased resistance to lightning we could start
rrlpn> claiming that digital music transmitted through Ronja has a better, warmer, fuzzier, more
rrlpn> natural sound.

rrlpn> CL<

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