[Ronja] query about schematics

Karel Kulhavy clock at twibright.com
Mon Oct 1 07:57:48 BST 2007

On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 12:18:26AM -0700, Saad Shakeel wrote:
> Thank you very much Gyorko, Karel and Jakub for your responses... reallly appreciate it !
>   So it seems that LEDs will be the hardest to secure.... how about i use a

I don't know if Ondrej Tesar still sends these LEDs by post - in the past he
did it.

>   laser instead?? and i still can't understand the use of AUI forte?? will i

No unfortunately the current Ronja design doesn't support laser.

>   still need it if i use the Twister 2 design?

No you don't need AUI Forte with Twister2. AUI Forte goes instead of
Twister2 if you have a very old network card with an interface called AUI.

>   similarly the three colored LEDs, red, yellow and green are for status only
>   right and not for transmitter? what color are we to use for transmission?

Yes they are status lights. The transmitter uses either red or infrared.

>   and about those retro reflectors... what are they?? how do they assist in

They are the thing at the back of a car or a bicycle that doesn't shine but
reflects light a lot.

>   aiming?  are there any other guides to building a ronja other than the
>   site?? i've downloaded the PDFs on the site aswell, but not much technical

No, we don't scatter the information around all the Internet to make it more
difficult like for example the Linux project does ;-) All the information
necessary is on ronja.twibright.com

>   info..  sorry if my questions seem a bit childish..

>   and by the way about Jakubs message, i tried translating it, heres what i
>   got..

Jakub pointed out that Ronja Hertz could be optimized by throwing away the
digital multiplexer inside.

>   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   Čau Shape : ) Chtěl jsem to ask within takovej splinter , while jsem
>   teď started , about tom while to the Pakist??nskej student asked
>   whereupon them Hertz. J?? never Hertz nepot?™eboval , accordingly jsem si
>   udělal country gener??tor out of cpldčka plus the v??stupn?­
>   frequency p?™ep?­n?? s??m periodicky , however absconds me proč are
>   pou??il dvěma p?™ep?­nači ovl??danej multiplex kdy?? těmi
>   p?™ep?­nači ( either are two plus stačil by solely one of nich two
>   ) to you čty?™i sign??ly daj?­ p?™ep?­nat norm??lně
>   mechanicky without multiplex. While tě hereto vedlo? James
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

>   Thanks all.
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