[Ronja] Open source skateboard demo pictures

Silvije discover at fly.srk.fer.hr
Sun Jul 22 20:47:04 BST 2007

This is nice, ronja, skateboard, linux...

Now all we need is open source power source. I am sick of paying
bills to the power company...

Any ideas?


On Sun, 22 Jul 2007, Karel Kulhavy wrote:

> Hello
> To prove that the open source skateboard is not just some untested theoretical
> design, I learned some some pussie tricks on it and put pictures online.
> http://ronja.twibright.com/bastard.php
> I also got a positive review of Bastard from a friend who rides a flex
> skateboard already for 14 years (I ride only for 2). He tried it out and said
> it's cool.
> If you saw the Dogtown and Z-Boys movie, you know that the bert was originally
> developed for the surfboard "platform" by Larry Bertlesmann and "ported" to
> skateboard by Jay Adams, Tony alva et al. - the Z-Boys.
> Unfortunately, after they succeeded at the Del Mar competition, they got bought
> out and heavily commercialized so we cannot really expect anything opensource
> from them. What Microsoft is in the world of software, they are in the world of
> skateboarding. And not only them, but probably every single company of the
> whole skateboarding industry.
> Nice that you can/could buy a super-extra-special deck shaped and painted by
> Powell-Peralta, Alva, Santa Cruz, Zero, Dogtown or whatever for 150 USD or so,
> when you can make yourself one opensource from a plywood for 4 USD (plus 10 USD
> griptape). Most of the know-how is in the template (in case of Bastard, there's
> not yet much know how in the template ;-)). Why should you pay for something
> that you can make yourself cheaper? The cutting takes 5 minutes.
> Artwork? Do you really need to buy a proprietary label to get a decent artwork?
> Doesn't the open source community have good artists that are as good as say
> Crayg Stecyk? What's an artwork? All it needs to be is a .svg file under a GFDL
> licence.
> Bearings? Do you need really to buy expensive Bones Bearings, Swiss quality,
> Made in California, USA (sic!), mirror finish to get a decent mechanic
> performance? Aren't they just an overpriced version of an ordinary industry
> grade ball bearing with a single rubber contactless seal?  Do you need to buy
> SpeedCream(TM)? Can't you ride on medical vasoline like I do at the moment?
> Seriously, are we paying skateboards here or managers, CEOs, adverts, SEO,
> trademark and patent litigations, and lawyers?
> Compare the price of Ronja components with a professional link and compare the
> performance. Compare the price of an opensource deck and a commercial one and
> their performance. Compare the price of Microsoft Windows and Linux and
> compare their performance. Isn't something screeching here?
> "Your board would come to a screeching halt and you'd fly. And you'd smash
> cement." -- Stacey Peralta, Dogtown and Z-Boys.
> CL<
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