[Ronja] Open source skateboard demo pictures

Karel Kulhavy clock at twibright.com
Sun Jul 22 19:38:29 BST 2007


To prove that the open source skateboard is not just some untested theoretical
design, I learned some some pussie tricks on it and put pictures online.


I also got a positive review of Bastard from a friend who rides a flex
skateboard already for 14 years (I ride only for 2). He tried it out and said
it's cool. 

If you saw the Dogtown and Z-Boys movie, you know that the bert was originally
developed for the surfboard "platform" by Larry Bertlesmann and "ported" to
skateboard by Jay Adams, Tony alva et al. - the Z-Boys.

Unfortunately, after they succeeded at the Del Mar competition, they got bought
out and heavily commercialized so we cannot really expect anything opensource
from them. What Microsoft is in the world of software, they are in the world of
skateboarding. And not only them, but probably every single company of the
whole skateboarding industry.

Nice that you can/could buy a super-extra-special deck shaped and painted by
Powell-Peralta, Alva, Santa Cruz, Zero, Dogtown or whatever for 150 USD or so,
when you can make yourself one opensource from a plywood for 4 USD (plus 10 USD
griptape). Most of the know-how is in the template (in case of Bastard, there's
not yet much know how in the template ;-)). Why should you pay for something
that you can make yourself cheaper? The cutting takes 5 minutes.

Artwork? Do you really need to buy a proprietary label to get a decent artwork?
Doesn't the open source community have good artists that are as good as say
Crayg Stecyk? What's an artwork? All it needs to be is a .svg file under a GFDL

Bearings? Do you need really to buy expensive Bones Bearings, Swiss quality,
Made in California, USA (sic!), mirror finish to get a decent mechanic
performance? Aren't they just an overpriced version of an ordinary industry
grade ball bearing with a single rubber contactless seal?  Do you need to buy
SpeedCream(TM)? Can't you ride on medical vasoline like I do at the moment?

Seriously, are we paying skateboards here or managers, CEOs, adverts, SEO,
trademark and patent litigations, and lawyers?

Compare the price of Ronja components with a professional link and compare the
performance. Compare the price of an opensource deck and a commercial one and
their performance. Compare the price of Microsoft Windows and Linux and
compare their performance. Isn't something screeching here?

"Your board would come to a screeching halt and you'd fly. And you'd smash
cement." -- Stacey Peralta, Dogtown and Z-Boys.


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