[Ronja] "managed" svic za par stovek pro jednu pajku a kus dratu

Marian Cerny jojo at matfyz.cz
Fri Apr 15 11:23:42 BST 2005

On 2005-04-15 11:05 +0200, piotr.p wrote:
> Is there someone who can translate it into english? (all posts of this 
> topic)
> Tnx

I will try.

| Tak jsem to vyzkou=9Ael s twisterem. Mimo nastaven=ED 10 Mbps je
| je=9At=EC pot=F8eba vypnout autonegotiation. Tak=9Ee =9Alusnout pin 104
| (disable auto..) a 107 (10Mbps). Tohle je pro jeden port - nula, na tom
| 5 portov=E9m Dexlanu je to z=E1suv= ka ozna=E8en=E1 =E8=EDslem 1.

So I have tested it with twister, too. Except for FullDuplex setting it
is also needed to turn autonegotiation off. So the pin 104 (disable
auto...) and 107 (10Mbps) needs to be grounded. This is for one port -
zero. On this Dexlan switch with 5 ports it is the port marked with
number 1.

| Na tomto dexlanu nen=ED vyvedena ledka na pinu 107, tak=9Ee je to
| sadomas= o p=F8ip=E1jet na no=9Ei=E8ku toho realteka, na 104 je ledka
| aktivity z=E1s= uvky1 (port 0), tak=9Ee to je u=9E v pohod=EC.
| http://www.cipis.net/ronja/rtl8305sb.JPG

On this dexlan the is no LED connected with pin 107, so it is quite a
sadomaso(chism) to solder it to the leg of those realtek (chip). On 104
there is activity LED of port0, so it is OK there.

| D=E1le je mo=9Eno zm=ECnit nastaven=ED skupin, z 1+3 (+1) na 2+2(+1)
| port= y a nastavit, kter=E1 m=E1 jak=E9 vlastnosti, viz. pdfko :-)
| (netestov=E1no)

Other possibility is to change setting of groups, from 1+3 (+1) to
2+2(+1) ports and set, which group has which properties. See pdf :-)
(not tested).


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